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AL-SENSE detector panty-liner

The AL-SENSETM detector panty-liner is an in vitro self-test that allows pregnant women to detect possible leakage of amniotic fluid in the event of experiencing a feeling of unidentified wetness. AL-SENSE can distinguish between probable amniotic fluid leaking out of the vagina and urine, because urine typically contains a concentration of Ammonia which is high enough to reverse color stains.
AL-SENSE is an early warning system for pregnant women who sense unexplained vaginal wetness. It provides them with an easy to read initial indication of whether the wetness may be caused by amniotic fluid or by urine.

How to use:
AL-SENSE is worn exactly like any regular everyday panty-liner and should be worn until wetness is felt. Once removed, the indicator strip is pulled off and observed for color change. A Green or Blue stain indicates that the leak is probably amniotic fluid. In such a case, immediately consult your physician or go to the hospital without delay.
Yellow color (no color change) suggests that the indicator strip has only been in contact with urine, and there is no cause for concern.

Self Detection of Amniotic Fluid Leakage

AL-Sense VIDEO - Dr. Moshe Zlotzover

Performance Highlights & Advantages

Performance Highlights:

  • Sensitivity : 95.76% to 100%
  • Specificity: 86.81 %
  • PPV: 89.3%
  • NPV: 94.7%
  • Accuracy: 91.6%


  • AL-SENSE is the only amniotic fluid test which is available as a home self test
  • AL-SENSE result interpretation doesn't require a color scale
  • One step test - Can be interpreted immediately after the drying period
  • Non-intrusive
  • Color remains stable for at least 48 hours
  • AL-SENSE detects even minimal amounts of Amniotic leaks
  • Clearly distinguishes between amniotic leakage and urine
  • Allows for continual monitoring of leaks including monitoring of intermediate leaks

Download a copy of package instructions (PDF format)

AL-SENSE - Package + components

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